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Kitschy Kitchen

Created and performed by The Picnic Sisters: Molly Hess + Eliza Malecki Edited by Eliza Malecki Filmed by Patrick Donahoe

Ongoing part of the Bearnstow Dance Map

The Picnic Sisters

Original music by Alaina Lynne

Filmed by Patrick Donahoe at Bearnstow in Mt. Vernon, ME

Premiered October 2020 via Zoom

Screened July 2021 at the Acadia Dance Festival (ME)

Screened September 2021 at the Weird Local Film Festival (MA)

Screened Spring 2021 at the PlatArtístic - Spring Dancefilm Fest (Spain)

New Canoe

Sound by Donny and Marie, The B-52's, and Stereo Total

Debuted September 2019 at the Dance Complex 'Tiny and Short' show in Cambridge, MA

You Hue

Sound by Bob Ross, Meredith Monk, Doris Day, and Lizzo

Debuted December 2018 in 'A Walking Birthday' at Green Street Studios in Cambridge, MA.

Performed April 2019 in 'Good Thang' at The Arts at The Armory in Somerville, MA and in 'Modern Movements Festival' at AS220 in Providence, RI.

4K Dash

Music by Brian Hyland, Girlpool, and Gogol Bordello

Premiered July 2017 at Bearnstow in Mt. Vernon, ME and at 'TRACKS//Boston' at Green Street Studios in Cambridge, MA

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